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Please note this website is just one of five websites we host.  Our name, "McFeeders Realty, Appraisal & Management, LLC", says it all. 

We are a professional, full-service agency, offering 1) real estate sales of all types featured on the following websites: "Residential", Commercial/Investment", and "Farm & Ranches" websites;  2) all types of appraisals featured on our  this website; 3) and lastly, we manage approximately 150 residential, commercial and farm properties featured on our "Rentals/Property Management" website. 

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Estimate  of  Time for Appraisal Completion

Residential Appraisals     ( 3 Working Days )
Commercial Appraisals    ( 5 Working Days )
Farm/Ranch Appraisals    ( 7 Working Days )

These estimates of time may vary.

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      Our company offers Full Service Real Estate Appraisals to fill any of your Colorado Real Estate Valuation needs. Certified General Appraiser or FHA Certified Appraisal with over 20 years of Appraisal experience on our Staff.  We perform Real Estate Appraisals on Residential, Farm, Ranch, Commercial and Eminent Domain Appraisal cases.

We are FHA Approved

      Our  Certified General Real Estate Appraisers, oversee several Registered Real Estate Appraisers on our staff.  Our Appraisers use the Cost Approach Methodology, Income Approach Methodology, and Sales Comparison Methodology to determine the Market Indicated Value of your Real Estate.  In the dynamic and changing Colorado Real Estate market accurate and detailed Appraisal services are more crucial than ever. 

         Let us help you get your Real Estate Appraisal completed in a timely and accurate manner.  Give us a call, talk to an Appraiser, we are eager to help and answer any of your CO Real Estate Appraisal questions.




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